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Investigating and Modelling of Coastal Erosion in Ca Mau Peninsula - Mekong Delta

Phoebe Pauline Onjira - Hector Fellow Franz Nestmann

Coastal erosion has become a global problem over decades along various shorelines causing loss of landmasses, destruction of property and ecological habitat. The changes in shorelines occur in response to natural processes of wave action, wind and tides, and anthropogenic activities that lead to sediment imbalance in the sediment budget at the shoreline. Rise in sea level and extreme weather conditions resulting from climate change affects the wave climate hence influencing erosion processes. The combination of these factors aggravates coastal erosion and threatens opportunities to achieve economic and ecological roles in sustainable ways. Implementation of coastal erosion protective measures is costly and demands for proper analysis of available alternatives to ensure a sustainable investment.

The Mekong Delta in Vietnam is an agricultural production hub in South East Asia region and plays a key role in economy of Vietnam. This delta experiences critical loss of landmasses through coastal erosion therefore threatening the national economy and food security. Despite implementation of protective measures, erosion protection and control has not been very effective and eventual failures of the countermeasures are common. This research supervised by Hector Fellow Prof. Dr. Franz Nestmann aims to investigate and model coastal erosion at coastal shores of Ca Mau Peninsula in Mekong Delta, and analyse potential protective measures.

Data on hydraulic conditions, shoreline morphology and wave climate will be obtained through field investigations and measurements. The data will be used to set up a model that simulates coastal hydrodynamics and shoreline changes. Based on the findings, we will analyze potential countermeasures to identify the best countermeasures for erosion protection (see Figure).

Schematic representation research flow