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Formal Documents

Could you review my documents and see if I am eligible?
The Hector Fellow Academy cannot pre-screen your application and background. As we take a holistic view at each applicant, we can only evaluate your application once it is complete and we only accept applications made via our application portal.

Do I have to upload the official translation of my documents?
For the application process, we need the original document as well as the translation in English or German (you can make one pdf file out of two and then upload a two-page document). If you don’t have the possibility to provide an official/notarized translation, we accept translations made by yourself (that’s enough for the first instance). At a later stage in the application process, we will require notarized translations. Please send your documents as early as possible so that we can start the admission’s process.

Can I submit letters of recommendation myself?

We cannot accept letters of recommendation sent by the applicants themselves. We will request them from the references directly.

Who should write the letters of recommendation?
The letter of recommendation should be written by someone who is able to give us a holistic view of your abilities. As you are applying for a research scholarship, this should be an academic who is able to comment on your research and academic abilities - whether from the university you studied at or another one does not matter. Letters need to be written on official institutional letterhead.

Do I need a class ranking?
You can go on with your application without any class ranking, it’s not mandatory.

Research Proposal

What topic should I choose for my research proposal?
The topic must fit within the research interests of the chosen Hector Fellow. You need to be qualified to conduct the research (i.e. have a strong background in the required methodologies, topics, techniques).

Is there a special format required in writing the research proposal?

There is no template. Please follow these guidelines:
Please summarize your Research Proposal on 2-4 pages (4,000-8,000 characters, incl. spaces) and address the following points: Introduction to the scientific topic, state of the art in the field of research (+ possibly own preliminary work), goals and methods applied, bibliography. Highlight the innovativeness of your research idea and link your topic with the research field of the chosen Hector Fellow.

In the application form in the "Research Proposal or Letter of Application" section, do I upload a Research Proposal, or a Statement of Purpose?

You upload your research proposal if you are applying with your own idea and you upload a Statement of Purpose if applying for an advertised position.

Do I need to contact the supervisor to get their approval before I can apply?
You don’t have to contact any Hector Fellow but are welcome to. Please do not be discouraged if you do not receive an answer immediately. If contacting them, be well prepared and please make sure to have relevant and well thought questions. Keep the email short and to the point including the most relevant data about yourself and your research. You just have to name the selected Hector Fellow in the application form. Without this, your application will not be forwarded.
In case of applying for an advertised position, please contact the respective Hector Fellow in order to discuss the position in advance. Please check the advertised positions:

What is meant by 'Schedule for the doctoral project / Timeline'?
You have to prepare a timetable for you research idea, i.e. when are you planning to do what/ how are you planning to use the three years of funding? Please show a rough work schedule of the 3 years of your doctoral thesis on 1-2 pages. You can decide on your own whether you use a graphic or a timeline, there is no formal concept. We use this schedule to gauge whether your research proposal is feasible to complete in three years.
For an advertised position we will use the timeline to see whether you have already familiarized with the chosen topic.