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Being Doctoral Researcher at HFA

Doctoral researchers are fully funded according to TV-L 13; how much net do I take home with that?
Your net income depends on several factors what makes it hard to predict it. It also depends on the subject you do your doctorate in (i.e. in biology you will receive 67% of a full position/ in engineering 100%). For a 100% position, you will earn about 2200 and 2500 Euro net. In sum, we cannot predict your income but you might use this calculator to see how much you will make:

What are the benefits of being a doctoral researcher at HFA?
Doctoral students of the Hector Fellow Academy are employed as research assistants for a period of three years. The salary corresponds to the internal regulations at the university of the respective Hector Fellow. Doctoral students receive a funded position along with extensive research funding, membership in our network, collaboration with the Hector Fellows, training in management topics, and other training activities and networking events. To learn more about the funding and benefits, please visit our website:

Can I apply for a visa to Germany, if I get accepted?

Yes, you can apply for a visa with your admission letter. Please check with your local German embassy about requirements and/or necessary documentation.

Do doctoral researchers have to attend classes?
Students attend modules and classes depending on the host university. You will take part in additional courses (i.e. management training, presentation training) offered by the Hector Fellow Academy.

Which institute will issue the doctoral certificate?

Certificates will be issued by the university of the supervising Hector Fellow.