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    The Hector Fellow Academy initiates innovative research projects on latest scientific problems.

Application Process

How can I apply?
We can only accept applications made via our application portal:
Please check the Hector Fellow’s profiles if he/she is available for supervising doctoral projects:

Can I upload protected pdf files?

Please ensure that we as well as your chosen Hector Fellow can read and review your documents.

What kind of ways are there to apply?
The main idea of the Hector Fellow Academy doctoral projects is that the applicants develop their own research idea and name a Hector Fellow as their supervisor, whose field of research fits the one of their proposal. Furthermore, you also have the possibility to apply for an advertised doctoral position of a Hector Fellow.

How do I apply with my own research idea?
For a self-developed idea, you need to firstly choose whether a Hector Fellow is doing research in the area you are interested in. In a second step, you either already have an interesting idea or you have a look what an interesting and novel research avenue to follow through with your own project can be. It is also important to relate to the Hector Fellow´s research expertise.

How do I apply for an advertised position?
Please check if there are any advertised positions of the Hector Fellows online at the moment: In case of applying for an advertised position we recommend that you contact the respective Hector Fellow about the requirement for the position in advance.

Can I submit my application but upload some of my documents after the application deadline?
No, sadly due to the numbers of requests it is not possible to update your application after submission. We will evaluate your application based on the documents you provided until the deadline. Due to fairness reasons, we cannot accept any documents after the deadline.

Do I have to pay application fees?
The Hector Fellow Academy does not charge any application fees.