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    The Hector Fellow Academy initiates innovative research projects on latest scientific problems.

After Submission

Where can I check my application status?
We will inform you by the end of May whether you reached the second stage. In the meantime, please do not call and/or write about the status of your application. Please check your SPAM folder in case you have not heard from us.

What is the evaluation process like?

When the application process is finished, the HFA Office will review every application in regard to the qualification, the project proposal and if the topic fits to the chosen Hector Fellow’s research field. After the first screening and if your application is promising, the Hector Fellow Academy will forward it to the Hector Fellow you chose as potential supervisor. The Hector Fellow will interview promising candidates and eventually preselect a candidate to suggest to the Hector Fellow Academy. All preselected applicants have to present themselves and their topic proposal to Hector Fellows. This will be a part of the annual Hector Fellow Academy symposium, which usually takes place in a German city at the beginning of July. The candidates will be informed in August if their application was successful.