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Security and Anonymity in Quantum Networks

Ziad Chaoui - Hector RCD Awardee Anna Pappa

Due to technological advances we can now build devices that actively manipulate quantum mechanical objects, and using quantum objects as information carriers has many important implications for future communication. Quantum information can be used to achieve perfect security and provide efficiency for communication networks. This research project focuses on designing secure and anonymous quantum communication protocols in an effort to build a future quantum internet.

The second quantum revolution is currently underway. Technological advances are allowing us to build devices that actively manipulate quantum mechanical objects and use them as information carriers. This research project deals with the possibilities to leverage quantum information carriers to develop communication protocols for the future. It will examine how to communicate securely over quantum networks, while preserving anonymity for the participating parties. It specifically aims to explore which communication tasks obtain an advantage in terms of security and anonymity when using quantum information carriers, and for which particular network architectures. A first approach is to extend well known settings between two communication parties (Quantum Key Distribution) to multiple parties (Conference Key Agreement). Other tasks like coin flipping, oblivious transfer, parallel generation of keys and secret-sharing, which are indispensable for establishing quantum networks as a medium for communication, will also be explored. Different network architectures will be studied starting with nearest-neighbour architectures, which are the most promising for near-future deployment. The goal is to enable the use of current experimental quantum quantum resources to carry out these tasks, by establishing protocols that are secure and anonymous, but at the same time remain practical.

Figure 1: A model of a quantum network. The project focuses on designing secure and efficient near-future quantum networks.