• Creating the Future

    The Hector Fellow Academy initiates innovative research projects on latest scientific problems.


There are various ways to apply for a fully funded doctoral position.

Ambitious young scientists have the opportunity to do their doctorate with self-developed research project in the working group of a Hector Fellow. For this, an innovative, self-developed research topic has to be submitted, which the young scientist works on within the framework of the three-year doctoral phase at the institute of the supervising Hector Fellow. It must be included in the application, which Hector Fellow qualifies as a supervisor for your research idea.

Moreover, outstanding Master's graduates can also apply for advertised doctoral positions of a Hector Fellow. By becoming a member of the Hector Fellow Academy, the young scientists become part of an interdisciplinary network of top Researchers. 

If you are already working in the research group of a Hector Fellow, you also have the possibility to become part of the Hector Fellow Academy and benefit from its offers, provided you are not employed for more than 6 months. You can apply through the already metioned channels.


The Associated Fellow Program enables the scientists nominated by a Hector Fellow to participate in events and workshops.

To apply for a position as a doctoral student at the Hector Fellow Academy, the following requirements must be met:

Upon receipt of the application, the submitted documents will be reviewed by the Hector Fellow Academy office and forwarded to the Hector Fellow. The assessment is based on the academic qualifications, the maturity of the project outline and the consistency of the topic with the research focus of the Hector Fellow or the fit to the requirements of the advertised position.

With the most promising candidates, the Hector Fellows coordinate interviews. The finalists will be invited to a personal introduction in July (as part of the annual symposium). Subsequently, the final funding decisions are made.