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Video portrait series on Antje Boetius

  • 08.11.2020 |

    Three short films present the research and engagement of Hector Fellow Antje Boetius.


    Antje Boetius is one of the most renowned marine biologists in Germany and the director of the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI). In her research career, she already participated in 49 expeditions to the cold regions of the earth and  studied the ecology of the deep sea. The first of the three short films Deep Sea and Polar Research: Antje Boetius Fighting Climate Change focuses on the career of the researcher Boetius and describes her role as head of the most important research institutions for polar, coastal, and marine research in Germany.

    The second short film Climate and Future: Antje Boetius on Societal Responsibility of Science takes a closer look at Antje Boetius’ conception of the social responsibility of science. Hector Fellow Boetius believes that science has a duty to talk about risks and to shed light on the future by providing prognoses. One of the most important areas of social responsibility of science today is climate change, which is why Antje Boetius is committed to climate protection.

    The challenge of communicating science is the main theme of the third and last film in the video portrait series Science Communication: Antje Boetius on the Transfer of Research to Public. In order to make abstract data sets visually perceptible, Hector Fellow Boetius teams up with artists in various formats to combine art and science. As an important voice for science in the public discourse, she was awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany in 2019.

    The three short films are now available on the Hector Fellow Academy website and the YouTube channel of the Hector Fellow Academy.