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Thomas Elbert receives award

  • 05.02.2019 |

    Thomas Elbert receives ERC Proof of Concept Grant.

    Thomas Elbert and his project partners will receive an "ERC Proof of Concept Grant" for the further application of the research results on trauma and violence from the "Memo TV" project. The research team from Constance, Burundi, South Africa and Brazil is investigating connections between memory and trauma-related disorders. The aim is to implement the therapy model, which puts a special focus on young people traumatised by conflicts and war, throughout Europe.

    The ERC Proof of Concept Grant, awarded by the European Research Council, is endowed with 150.000 €. This further supports the project, which was already supported by the European Research Council. In 2019, the European Research Council awarded the ERC Proof of Concept Grand to a total of 54 projects.

    Congratulations to Thomas Elbert!

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