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Start of a new interdisciplinary project

  • 06.04.2021 | Top-News

    HFA funds interdisciplinary project with Hector Fellows Jürg Leuthold and Eberhart Zrenner.         

    The Hector Fellow Academy funds interdisciplinary projects in which at least two Hector Fellows together with one or more young scientists work on a research project across different disciplines.

    In this new project with the title “RetinaSensor: Enhanced Vision Restoration in Blind People” the Hector Fellows Jürg Leuthold and Eberhart Zrenner are working together with the HFA Postdoc Dr. Wadood Haq (Eberhard Karls University, Tübingen) and doctoral student Shadi Nashashibi (ETH Zurich) towards the next generation of retinal implants. By combining highly sensitive photodetectors with a microelectrode array operating under a new stimulation paradigm, the RetinaSensor will enable previously unachieved spatial and temporal resolution in electric retinal implant technologies.

    For more information see here.