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Video about the Hector Fellow Academy

  • 04.25.2019 | Other

    A short film on the Hector Fellow Academy shows how the young academy of science offers a networking platform to the laureates of the Hector Science Award as well as outstanding you scientists to support cutting-edge research.

    The Hector Fellow Academy, founded in 2013, presents itself and its tasks in the video "This is the Hector Fellow Academy". In the video, goals and visions of the Hector Fellow Academy are portrayed. HFA President and Hector Fellow Martin Wegener summarizes it like this: "My vision is that in a few years the Hector Fellow Academy is known throughout the world. In the near future, I also believe that it will not only stand for excellent research, but also explicitly for interdisciplinary research." Judith Elsner, Chief Executive Officer of the Hector Fellow Academy, considers the HFA a "huge opportunity", especially because of the remarkable dynamism among scientists and young scientists.

    See for yourself in "This is the Hector Fellow Academy."