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Phoebe Pauline Onjira finished her doctorate

  • 06.09.2020 |

    Congratulations to Phoebe Pauline Onijira who just finished her doctorate!

    The aim of Phoebe Pauline Onjira's research, led by Hector Fellow Franz Nestmann, was to identify the role of river basin morphology (land use, terrain and soil) and climate change in variations in water distribution.

    Landuse change is a major cause for changes in hydrology and subsequently other dependent processes. In water stressed areas, landuse activities coupled with climate change exacerbates these water stress. To enable the needed landuse development whilst conserving hydrology, this research used hydrological model and statistics to investigate the role of morphology, climate and landuse in hydrological partitioning.

    The aim was to develop an approach for selecting suitable areas for agriculture while minimizing the impacts on hydrology. The research was undertaken within the iWaGSS Project in the Olifants Basin-South Africa, whose aim is to develop novel methods for easing water stress.

    The research provided evidence for climate variability, landuse change and their impacts on hydrology of the basin. It also provided an effective approach for agricultural landuse planning, involving identification of vegetation that can be cleared for agriculture and morphological conditions that are suitable for agriculture.

    Details of her research can be found here.