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Peter Hegemann in the HU-Berlin Podcast

  • 11.17.2021 |

    In the Humboldt University podcast, Peter Hegemann reports on optogenetics and world-class research.

    In the new episode entitled “Mit diesem Weiter so wie bisher wird es nichts Neues geben” from the HU podcast "Humboldt Listening" 2021 Lasker Award winner and co-inventor of optogenetics Peter Hegemann talks about his research, the work at his institute, and the courage to take risks.

    Hegemann's institute, he says, is not only a place for research, but also a place for education. Young researchers should be better educated about the working conditions at German universities. Hegemann believes: "Research is a tough business. You have to be competitive, otherwise you won't really have a chance." Professor Hegemann advises universities to be more flexible in their ability to hire research assistants.

    In this episode, Hegemann also talks about how new technologies from optogenetics can revolutionize medicine and help cure epilepsy or Parkinson's disease, for example.

    You can listen to the entire episode in German here.