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Paper by Daniel Eppel published

  • 03.30.2020 |

    A paper by Daniel Eppel was published in peer-reviewed journal.

    The article "Mercury-Free Synthesis of Pincer [C^N^C]Au III Complexes by an Oxidative Addition/CH Activation Cascade" by HFA PhD student Daniel Eppel will be published in an upcoming issue of ChemSusChem, a journal publishing research at the interface of chemistry and sustainability. The preprint is already available online.

    Eppel's paper describes the development of a “first mercury-free synthesis of well-defined gold complexes”, which could offer new possibilities especially for medical use, e.g. as a potential “useful synthetic tool for the production of gold(III) anticancer drugs and gold(III)‐based photo emitters without the generation of toxic mercury wastes.”

    The Open Access paper was written in collaboration with Hector Fellow and PhD supervisor A. Stephen K. Hashmi, and Matthias Rudolph and Frank Rominger of the Organic Chemistry Institute at the University of Heidelberg.


    Click here to read the article.