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Paper by Daniel Eppel published

  • 04.15.2021 |

    A paper by Daniel Eppel was published in the journal “Angewandte Chemie”.                           

    In the article “Mechanochemical Gold(III)-Carbon Bond Formation” a more sustainable, easy to handle process and direct arylation of [(C^N^C)AuCl] complexes is presented.

    Based on the “12 principles of green chemistry”, mechanochemical processes are being developed more and more. They allow an almost solvent-free synthesis of high value products. By grinding solids in a ball mill, chemical reactions take place which can, in an easy manner, lead to the desired products – simply driven by mechanical energy.

    The protocol presented by Daniel Eppel and other scientists provides an easy access to a highly valued complex class. In contrast to existing protocols, no prefunctionalization of the starting materials is necessary and the use of expensive transition metal catalysts can be avoided, which makes this application appealing also for industrial purposes.

    Congratulations to Daniel Eppel!

    Click here to read the article.