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New publication by Sina Rometsch

  • 07.27.2020 | Other

    A paper by Sina Rometsch was published as an open access paper by The Royal Society Publishing.

    The article titled " Evolutionary dynamics of pre- and postzygotic reproductive isolation in cichlid fishes" by HFA doctoral student Sina Rometsch examines the reproductive isolation barriers of cichlid fish.

    Cichlid fishes are exceptionally species-rich, speciated at explosive rates and, hence, are a model system in speciation research. Yet, their reproductive isolating barriers have, so far, not been comprehensively studied. This article displays current knowledge on pre- and postzygotic mechanisms in cichlids.

    This article is part of the theme issue ‘Towards the completion of speciation: the evolution of reproductive isolation beyond the first barriers'. The Open Access paper was produced in collaboration with Hector Fellow Axel Meyer, as well as Ralf Schneider and Julián Torres-Dowdall of the Department of Zoology at the University of Konstanz.


    Click here for the article.