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Paper by Magda Cardazo-Mino published

  • 05.31.2021 |

    A paper by Magda Cardazo-Mino was published as a preprint on bioRxiv.                               

    The Arctic is impacted by climate warming more than any other oceanic region on Earth. Assessing the baseline of microbial communities in this rapidly changing ecosystem is vital for understanding the implications of ocean warming and sea ice retreat on ecosystem functioning. The main inflow of Atlantic water into the Arctic Ocean occurs through the Fram Strait making it a sentinel region for observing the ongoing changes in the Arctic marine ecosystem.

    The main objective of this study was to assess the standing stocks of key taxonomic groups in summerly Arctic bacterioplankton across the Strait.

    The study provides quantitative data on cell abundances of ecologically relevant taxonomic bacterioplankton groups and gives insights into factors structuring pelagic bacterioplankton communities from surface to the deep waters of the Arctic Ocean. The results therefore provide a baseline to better assess future changes in a rapidly warming region.

    Congratulations to Magda Cardazo-Mino!

    Click here to read the article.