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New publication by Anja Zeller

  • 07.27.2020 | Other

    A study by Anja Zeller was published as an open access paper by Wiley Periodicals.

    The study titled “A combination of combat experience, early abduction, and severe traumatization fuels appetitive aggression and violence among abductees of rebel war in Northern Uganda“ by Anja Zeller examines the effects of traumatic experiences on people who have been victims of conflict or terror during their childhood.

    The study aims to investigate the interaction between age at initial abduction with that of traumatic load, and their influence on appetitive aggression along with perpetration of violent acts by former members of an armed rebel group of both sexes.

    The study shows that appetitive aggression and the number of perpetrated violent acts were specifically increased in individuals who were abducted young, experienced several traumatic events in their lifetime, and with previous combat experience. For perpetrated violence men showed increased levels whereas for appetitive aggression the association was independent of biological sex. Therefore, early abducted individuals with a higher traumatic load, who have combat experience, need to be given special intervention to prevent any further violence.

    Click here for the study.