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Interview with Antje Boetius

  • 09.16.2019 | Other

    In an interview with Radio Bremen, Antje Boetius talks about her research.

    In the program Gesprächszeit, broadcast on September 4 on the public broadcaster Radio Zwei, Antje Boetius describes her work on board of research vessels, her enthusiasm for deep-sea and polar exploration and her scientific contributions to a better understanding of climate change.

    Antje Boetius’ research will be the focus of the Hector Fellow Symposiums 2020 on 9 July 2020 in Bremen. The topic of the symposium is “Expeditions into the Unknown – Boundaries of Life in Ocean and Space”. The Hector Fellow Academy invites the interested public to participate in the free event. Registration will be possible soon.

    To the interview. (German, Duration: 39 minutes).