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HFA supports five new doctoral students

  • 07.15.2020 |

    Congratulations to our five new doctoral students!

    During the Hector Fellow Symposium, which took place virtually this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, five new doctoral students have been accepted into the Hector Fellow Academy.

    The five excellent young scientists are pursuing promising projects in the disciplines of physics, biology and chemistry. After their presentations, they had to answer the questions of the Hector Fellows who decided on their acceptance.

    As members of the Hector Fellow Academy, they will not only benefit from the financial support of the Academy and the expert knowledge of a Hector Fellow as their doctoral advisor, but they also have the opportunity to build up an interdisciplinary network of top researchers and to participate in the manifold offers of the Hector Fellow Academy.

    We welcome the following Young Scientists in the Hector Fellow Academy:

    • Tim Althuon (Advisor: Hector Fellow Wolfgang Wernsdorfer)
    • Maximilian Dax (Advisor: Hector Fellow Bernhard Schölkopf)
    • Valentin Klüsener (Advisor: Hector Fellow Immanuel Bloch)
    • Yannick Stahl (Advisor: Hector Fellow Ralf Bartenschlager)
    • Philipp Stein (Advisor: Hector Fellow A. Stephen K. Hashmi)

    Additionally, the Hector Fellow Academy decided to support an interdisciplinary project of the Hector Fellows Prof. Dr. Juerg Leuthold and Prof. Dr. Eberhart Zrenner for the next three years. The "RetinaSensor" project aims to develop a new type of micro-sensor technology that is supposed to enable enhanced vision restoration in blind people.