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First Hector RCD Awardees announced

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    The Hector Fellow Academy supports five researchers with the Hector RCD Award.

    On January 29, 2021, an expert panel of Hector Fellows decided about the recipient of the first Hector Research Career Development Award. Five scientists were chosen to be introduced into the new program: the biologist Ana Rita Brochado, the biochemist and physician Leif Ludwig, the chemist Agnieszka Nowak-Król, the computer scientist Anna Pappa and the biologist Tessa Quax.

    The application for the Hector RCD Award was open to young scientists in STEM subjects, medicine and psychology who have already developed a scientific profile and taken their first career steps. Accordingly, scientists who head their own junior research group or hold a W1 professorship were invited to apply.

    Hector Research Career Development Awardees receive a one-time research support of 25,000 euros as well as funding for a doctoral position and, associated with it, 9,500 euros in research funding per year. In addition, the Hector Research Career Development Awardees become members of the Hector Fellow Academy for five years, thus benefiting from the exchange and support in the young academy of science.

    The next application period begins September 1 and ends October 30, 2021.

    We congratulate the recipients of the first Hector Research Career Development Award.

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