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Christoph Klein receives award

  • 10.16.2018 | Awards

    Hector Fellow Christoph Klein receives the "Fidler Innovation in Metastasis Research Award".        

    "Sometimes it's the little things in life that give you the courage not to give up." In the case of Prof. Dr. Christoph Klein and his research group at the Chair of Experimental Medicine and Therapeutic Methods at the University of Regensburg, it is above all their view of the very small things - the cells of the so-called residual disease.

    The "minimal residual disease" is the phase following the operation of a primary tumour in which no tumour remains can be detected using conventional methods. Molecular biological or other methods, on the other hand, allow the early detection of disease residues. The challenge lies in the fact that these are often only a handful of cells that need to be identified. Prof. Dr. Klein's research group is focusing on the development of new methods for the molecular genetic analysis of singular cells.

    Since 2010 he is head of the Chair for Experimental Medicine and Therapy at the University of Regensburg and since 2011 of the department "Personalized Tumor Therapy" at the Fraunhofer Institute for Toxicology and Experimental Medicine. The international Fidler Award, which has been granted since 2012, is not the first honor that Professor Klein has received. This trophy can now be added to his other awards such as the Advanced Grant of the European Research Council or the William Dameshek Prize of the American Society of Hematology.


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