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Peter Hegemann receives Award

  • 07.29.2019 | Awards

    Peter Hegemann receives Warren Alpert Foundation Prize.

    Hector Fellow Peter Hegemann and three other scientists were awarded the Warren Alpert Foundation Prize 2019 for their research in the field of optogenetics. In a press release, the Warren Alpert Foundation described the researcher’s work as the foundation for the research field. Together with Karl Deisseroth, Hegemann deciphered the basic principles of light-sensitive ion channels (Channelrhodopsins), which are now used by neurobiologists to switch neurons on and off.

    The Warren Alpert Foundation Prize is awarded in association with the Harvard Medical School to scientists whose work has improved the understanding, prevention, treatment or cure of human disease. Since its inception in 1987, the prize was awarded to 69 scientists. The honorees of 2019 share an endowment of $500,000 and will be recognized at a symposium on October 3 at Harvard Medical School.

    Congratulations to Peter Hegemann!

    To the press release of the Warren Alpert Foundation.