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Antje Boetius in public dialogue

  • 10.07.2021 |

    Antje Boetius creates a socio-political dialogue of science on climate change.             

    Hector Fellow Antje Boetius advocates an expanded climate protection. She is one of the authors of a 2019 statement by the Leopoldina National Academy of Sciences. The title of the publication is "Climate Targets 2030: Pathways to a Sustainable Reduction of CO2 Emissions." This active role is related to her research, because, as she pointed out in a recent interview: Climate change is affecting even the deepest ocean regions.

    She also sees dialogue with society as part of her mission. In this regard, the deep-sea researcher tries to explain, what impact humans have on nature and how these changes are already visible today, in order to initiate a discourse on socio-political decisions.

    She also visits schools and introduces students to the fascination of the deep-sea with its multitude of extraordinary and exciting creatures and life forms as well as their interactions. She discusses a lot with the pupils, some of whom ask extremely difficult questions. In a recent article, she recounts how one pupil asked the question, "To which court does a fish actually go when we ruin its habitat?".

    Antje Boetius notes that the overarching problem of dealing with nature in schools, including the issue of the oceans, is too narrowly focused on the subject of physical connections and individual behavior. However, the topic is also suitable, for example, to comprehensively develop aspects of politics, economics and international cooperation in civics, history and geography, says Boetius. In this context, it is important to provide teachers with appropriate training and continuous education, she said.

    In political discussions, that are so relevant, a lot of facts are needed in order to understand, that climate change and also environmental degradation are connected to other major global problems, which is why the work of scientists like Antje Boetius is so important.