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Consultation in the Bundestag with Antje Boetius

  • 06.05.2020 |

    Antje Boetius spoke as an expert in the Bundestag during a public expert discussion.

    Science communication is important in order to make the often abstract and seemingly distant research understandable and comprehensible to a wider audience, thus promoting a dialogue. However, science communication currently has little institutional basis despite its importance.

    In a public expert discussion of the Committee for Education, Research and Technology Assessment in the German Bundestag on the topic "Strengthening science communication" on 27 May 2020, Hector Fellow Antje Boetius, as an expert, emphasised the need to secure institutional science communication outside of project funding.

    According to Boetius, science communication is a "part of the performance of science" and must be promoted accordingly as an element of science transfer. The focus of funding must be particularly on sustainability and the long term. The speech of Hector Fellow Antje Boetius starts in this video from minute 10:21.

    In addition to promoting interdisciplinary research and networking among top researchers in STEM subjects, the Hector Fellow Academy also pursues the goal of mediating research. In annual symposia, research topics and their socio-political implications are discussed with the public.

    The next symposium will take place on 8 July 2021 at the Radio-Bremen Eventstudio Weserhaus together with Hector Fellow Antje Boetius on the topic of "Expeditions into the Unknown". You can register for participation here.

    The Hector Fellow Academy also publishes films on its YouTube channel that explain the research of the Hector Fellows. Soon, several films on Hector Fellow Antje Boetius' research will be published on the channel, especially one on the topic of science communication. Find the YouTube channel here.

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