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Jonas Wunsch at Nobel Laureate Meeting

  • 06.23.2022 |

    Jonas Wunsch invited to Nobel Laureate Chemistry Meeting 2022 in Lindau.

    The opportunity to interact with some of the most outstanding scientists of our time is available to young scientist Jonas Wunsch, whose doctoral research with A. Stephen K. Hashmi is supported by the Hector Fellow Academy. He will participate in the 71st Nobel Laureate Chemistry Meeting, which will be held in Lindau from June 26 to July 1, 2022.

    Wunsch made it through the multi-stage application and selection process based on his outstanding academic achievements. The event, which will feature more than 30 laureates - including Heidelberg physicist Prof. Dr. Stefan Hell, winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry - offers a multi-day program of lectures and panel discussions, as well as the opportunity for personal encounters.

    The Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings were established in 1951, and since 1953 young scientists have also been invited to the annual meetings. The aim is to promote exchange between different generations, scientific disciplines as well as cultures and to emphasize the importance of the scientific society. The meetings are devoted in turn to the three Nobel Prize-winning disciplines of physics, chemistry and physiology/ medicine. They are flanked every five years by an interdisciplinary conference and every three years by the Lindau Conference of Economic Sciences.

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