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New publication by Sina Rometsch

  • 04.07.2020 |

    A paper by Sina Rometsch is published in in the journal Molecular Ecology.

    The article titled "Habitat light sets the boundaries for the rapid evolution of cichlid fish vision, while sexual selection can tune it within those limits" by HFA doctoral student Sina Rometsch deals with the diversity of body coloration of cichlids and its causes. Rometsch's investigations identify the combination of ambient light properties and body color as the main cause of the diversity of spectral sensitivities. Sexual selection is secondary.

    The article will be published in an upcoming issue of Molecular Ecology and is already available as a pre-print. The journal Molecular Ecology deals with molecular genetic techniques for the study of ecology, evolution, behavior and conservation.

    The Open Access paper was produced in collaboration with Hector Fellow Axel Meyer, as well as Ralf Schneider and Julián Torres-Dowdall of the Department of Zoology at the University of Konstanz.


    Click here to read the article.

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