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    The Hector Fellow Academy initiates innovative research projects on latest scientific problems.

Overview of current projects

Currently we support three interdisciplinary doctoral projects. Please visit the Alumni Projects page to find out more about already completed projects.

The following projects are currently supported:

Towards Understanding the Genetic Basis of Appetitive Aggressive Behavior

Jan Gerwin – Hector Fellow Axel Meyer

Aggressive behavior can be of two distinct origins: (1) reactive aggression, as a response to threatening or dangerous situations and (2) appetitive aggression, that is motivated by intrinsic factors, for example positive feelings through the exertion of violence. More ...

High-resolution optogenetics with organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs)

Giuseppe Ciccone – Hector Fellow Karl Leo
Rodrigo Fernandez Lahore – Hector Fellow Peter Hegemann

In this project, the application of organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) in optogenetics will be investigated. Several new technological approaches will be addressed to achieve optogenetic activation and inhibition of neurons with previously impossible lateral resolution. For this purpose, a new OLED technology is to be used, which can imitate electrically switchable different colours. More ...

RetinaSensor: Enhanced Vision Restoration in Blind People

Dr. Wadood Haq – Hector Fellow Eberhart Zrenner
Shadi Nashashibi – Hector Fellow Jürg Leuthold

In this project the Hector Fellows Jürg Leuthold and Eberhart Zrenner are working together with the HFA Postdoc Dr. Wadood Haq (Eberhard Karls University, Tübingen) and doctoral student Shadi Nashashibi (ETH Zurich) towards the next generation of retinal implants. By combining highly sensitive photodetectors with a microelectrode array operating under a new stimulation paradigm, the RetinaSensor will enable previously unachieved spatial and temporal resolution in electric retinal implant technologies. Mehr ...