• Creating the Future

    The Hector Fellow Academy initiates innovative research projects on latest scientific problems.

Interdisciplinary Projects

The major concern of the Hector Fellow Academy is to encourage interdisciplinary research. The Academy supports joint scientific projects between several Hector Fellows through research funding in various ways. Current research projects of that kind are „High performance micro-electrodes for retinal implants“, „Epigenetic Effects of Parental Stress in Offspring“, „Fundamentals of Gold Catalysis“ and „Mechanical Metamaterials“. In the interdisciplinary projects, the Hector Fellows are supported by young scientists.

Current Projects


In this project new micro electrodes for retinal implants are being developed.

Stress & Epigenetics

In this project epigenetic modifications of gene expression by environmental stressors are investigated.

Fundamentals of Gold Catalysis


In this project the characteristics of innovative gold catalysts are explored.

Mechanical Metamaterials

In this project the characteristics of new metamaterials are investigated.