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Dr. Ana Rita Brochado

Chair of Microbiology, University of Würzburg

Ana Rita Brochado is an independent group leader at the Chair of Microbiology at the University of Würzburg since 2019.

Ana is a systems biologist with a strong interest in understanding how pathogenic bacteria react to antibiotics and their combinations. Her research focuses on elucidating the molecular mechanisms underlying drug combinations, using unique systems biology approaches based on high-throughput phenotyping technologies, joint with computational biology tools for data interpretation.

Soon after she started her group she was awarded a Emmy Noether fellowship by the German Research Foundation (DFG). Ana is also a junior member of the Research Center for Infectious Diseases University of Würzburg.

Research fields

  • Pathogenic Bacteria
  • Antibiotics
  • Genomics
  • Systems Biology
  • High-throughput Screening