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Science award of the Hector Foundation II for professors from Bremen, Munich and Dresden

HEIDELBERG/WEINHEIM. In 2014 the three new awardees of the Hector Science Award – Prof. Dr. Antje Boetius (University of Bremen), Prof. Dr. Dr. Christoph Klein (Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich) and Prof. Dr. Karl Leo (Technical University of Dresden) gave insights into their research fields at the ceremony.

Boetius explores the deep-sea and the polar regions. Her commitment in this field built bridges between biology, chemistry and geosciences. The professor for geobiology for example studies how even the tiniest source of energy can efficiently be used to support life. In addition, she is particularly interested in interactions between geosphere and biosphere and develops underwater technologies for the observation of the marine environment.

Klein is a prime example in combining clinical medicine with fundamental research on the treatment of children with rare diseases. His research focuses on diseases of the blood and immune system. In 2009 Professor Klein founded the "Care-for-Rare-Foundation", to which he will donate part of his prize money. This foundation helps children with rare diseases all around the world, regardless of their origin and their financial situation.

Leo is one of the international leading scientists in the field of organic semiconductors. These semiconductors enable a variety of applications such as in organic light emitting diodes, which require very low voltages, increasing the efficiency of displays significantly. Many of his research results have been recently implemented in the industrial field.