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    Distinguished researchers in STEM fields.

Top-level research should be sustainably encouraged

Research award of the Hector Foundation II goes to professors from Munich, Berlin and Tuebingen

HEIDELBERG/WEINHEIM. Although the professors Immanuel Bloch (Munich), Günter M. Ziegler (Berlin) und Eberhart Zrenner (Tuebingen) do research in different fields, they definitely have something in common. They are outstanding scientists in their respective research field and have a special commitment in teaching. For these reasons, they received the Hector Science Award and are part of the group of Hector Fellows since 2013.

Bloch, professor of experimental physics at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, is one of the leading scientists in the field of research on ultra cold quantum matter. Among other things he was successful in developing artificial model systems for real solids, which have an extremely high controllability.

Ziegler teaches and conducts research at the Freie Universitaet Berlin. He deals with geometric objects, which are also found in architectural forms. By classifying the object structures their stabilities can be deduced.

Zrenner is the founding director of the research institute of ophthalmology at the university hospital of Tuebingen. He leads a research group of biologists, physicists, engineers and ophthalmologists. Together, the scientists developed a vision chip for the blind that can be used as a retinal implant. With this implant blinds were able to recognize objects and read words.