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Research award of the Hector Foundation II goes to professors from Heidelberg, Karlsruhe and Freiburg

HEIDELBERG/WEINHEIM. Three outstanding scientists received the Hector Science Award on February 4, 2011: Professor Stephen Hashmi (Heidelberg University), Professor Jürg Leuthold (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) and Professor Jens Timmer (University of Freiburg). Thereby, the Hector Foundation II recognizes both the pioneering research work of the scientists and their attitude as university teachers.

Hashmi is honored for his pioneering work in the field of homogeneous gold catalysis. Hashmi discovered that, contrary to the generally accepted doctrine, certain chemical reactions occur faster in the presence of smallest amounts of gold and use less energy than with conventional catalysts such as platinum or silver. Potential applications are, for example, in the manufacture of medicaments and materials.

Leuthold, as an expert in the field of high-speed data transmission, and his team developed an optical process to encode and decode the at that time largest data rate of 10 terabits ever encoded on a single laser beam in real time. Three years ago, the physicist succeeded in building one of the fastest silicon optical chips.

Timmer is one of the first scientists in Germany dedicated to work in the field of systems biology. This approach promises a new, more accurate understanding of life processes, as it incorporates the research work of biologists, physicists and mathematicians. Professor Timmer represents biological processes in mathematical formulas that can decipher signaling pathways of importance in carcinogenesis.