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Prof. Dr. Ralf Bartenschlager

Institute Molecular Virology, University of Heidelberg

Divisiont of Virus-associated Carcinogenesis, German Cancer Research Center Heidelberg

Hector Fellow since 2016

Ralf Bartenschlager is Director of the Department of Molecular Virology at the Centre for Infectious Diseases at the Medical Faculty of the University of Heidelberg and Head of the Division of Virus-Associated Carcinogenesis at the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg.

The virologist researches the reproduction strategies and the immune biology of medical important hepatitis viruses as well as flaviviruses, especially the dengue virus and the zika virus. He achieved to develop cell culture models of the hepatitis C virus (HCV), with which it was possible for the first time to simulate in vitro the viral replication cycle. These models form the foundation for the development of antiviral medications for HCV, which eliminate the virus of 95% of the treated people.

Ralf Bartenschlager was awarded, inter alia, the Lasker-DeBakey Award for his medical research, the Robert Koch Prize, the Mahidol Award and the Beijerick Virology Prize. He is a member of the German National Academy of Sciences (Leopoldina) and the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) as well as president of the Society for Virology (GfV).

Research fields

Molecular Virology, Cell Biology and Immunology

  • Cellular immunology and viral counteraction
  • Determinates of chronical hepatitis C and B
  • Biogenesis and architecture of viral replication organelles
  • HCV- and HBV-induced tumorigenesis
  • Chronical inflammation
  • Mode of action of antiviral substances