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Prof. Dr. Jens Timmer

Division of Data Analysis and Modeling of Dynamic Processes in the Life Sciences, University of Freiburg

Hector Fellow since 2010

Jens Timmer holds a chair for Theoretical Physics at the Institute for Physics and is Executive Director of the Center for Systems Biology of the Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg.

He is one of the leading scientists in the field of systems biology where he uses physics-inspired data-based mathematical models to understand cell biological processes. His approach contributed to understand signaling pathways which contribute to the development of cancer.

Jens Timmer is co-founder of the companies seleon GmbH and TNI medical AG that work in the field of medical engineering.

Research Fields

Systems biology

  • Development of methods for mathematical modelling of dynamic processes in the life sciences. Here, it is of special interest to understand how uncertainty of the data affects the uncertainty of the parameters and, in turn, the uncertainty of the model predictions [1].
  • Interdisciplinary application of the methods in the field of cell biology in order to understand e.g. the development of cancer, the regeneration of the liver and haematosis [2]. To this aim, the group of Prof. Timmer is closely collaboration with experimental groups especially at the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg.

For doctoral theses it is intended that they have two parts. In the first part, general methodological questions which are motivated from the collaboration projects should be answered and in the second part the new methods should be applied to the specific biological projects.

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[2] V. Becker, M. Schilling, J. Bachmann, U. Baumann, A. Raue, T. Maiwald, J. Timmer, U. Klingmüller. Covering a broad dynamic range: Information processing at the erythropoietin receptor. Science 328, 2010, 1404-1408