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Prof. Dr. Dr. Christoph Klein

Dr. von Hauner Children’s Hospital of Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich

Hector Fellow since 2013

Christoph Klein is Professor of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine as well as the Director of the Dr. von Hauner Children’s Hospital of Ludwig-Maximilans-University Munich.

He belongs to the pioneers in the field of cell and gene therapy in children with rare inherited disorders of the blood and immune system. Together with his research team he identifies molecular causes of genetic diseases, studies their pathomechanisms and develops new therapeutic strategies with the aim of, in long-term, improving the chances of recovery of affected children.

He was, among others, awarded an Advanced Grant of the European Research Council (ERC), the William Dameshek Prize of the American Society of Hematology as well as the Leibniz Prize of the German Research Foundation (DFG). He founded the "Care for Rare" Foundation to support children with rare diseases.

Research fields

Pediatric Hematology / Immunology / Oncology

The laboratory of Christoph Klein focuses on the genetic and immunological analysis of rare diseases, in particular primary immunodeficiency disorders affecting the innate immune system such as congenital neutropenia or inflammatory bowel diseases.

By the virtue of a large international and interdisciplinary network, the laboratory of Christoph Klein has identified novel genetic defects of the immune system and developed  gene- and cell-based tailored therapies .