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Interdisciplinary Workshop: Adaptive Epigenomics

Building a Bridge Between Animal and Human Research

The interdisciplinary workshop "Adaptive Epigenomics" took place on the 24th and 25th of July 2017 in the monastery Hegne near Constance. The event was organized by the Hector Fellows Thomas Elbert and Axel Meyer, as well as by the young scientists Dr. Amber Makowicz, Daniela Conrad and Maggie Sefton, who are promoted by the Hector Fellow Academy. The workshop combined the two research fields of the organizers: Clinical Psychology and Evolutionary Biology. In addition to lectures by international scientists on the latest research in the field of "Epigenomics," the participants were also offered hands-on exercises for the analysis of epigenetic data. The aim of the workshop was to build a bridge between human and animal research.

Dr. Tuncay Baubec - Introduction: What is epigenetics and what can we learn from it?


Prof. Dr. Thomas Elbert - Epigenetic reprogramming of the human genome following violent experiences: Adaptation or maladaptation to a violent environment?

To the video on the website of the University of Konstanz.

Dr. Vanja Vukojevic - Epigenetics of human memory: In health and disease

To the video on the website of the University of Konstanz.

Dr. Chris Murgatroyd - Animal models of epigenomics


Dr. Vanja Vukojevic - Methodology of epigenetic studies - MCN Experience

To the video on the website of the University of Konstanz.

Dr. Amber Makowicz - Behavioral and epigenetic adaption to chronic stress in fish


Dr. Tomàs Marqués-Bonet - An evolutionary perspective to human methylation

Due to data protection the talk of Dr. Thomàs Marqués-Bonet is not allowed to be published on this website.

Dr. Bridgett vonHoldt - The role of ecology and evolution in shaping DNA methylation variation in non-human species


Dr. Robert Philibert - Approaches for the analysis of epigenetic data