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Symposium 2019

Galaxy Fusion and New Earths

Galactic archeology and an interstellar second home

Date: 11th July 2019
Location: Neue Aula Heidelberg
Time: 6 p.m.

The universe is an enormous mystery. The discovery of new planets, the exploration of the Milky Way and other galaxies – scientists are still looking for answers. Similar to humans, galaxies also undergo a development that ranges from childhood to old age, but over a period of billions of years. However, the issue of the existence of a second earth has not yet been resolved. What would that mean for humanity? These are the topics of the two speakers: Prof. Dr. Eva Grebel and Prof. Dr. Joachim Wambsganß. Prof. Dr. Harald Lesch leads through the program.

The event continues the series of Hector Fellow Academy (HFA) symposia all across Germany. Renowned experts present current research topics, make them accessible for everyone, with or without scientific background, and discuss future visions. The HFA is a young science academy that promotes interdisciplinary top-level research in the STEM field.

Evening program

GreetingProf. Dr. A. Stephen K. Hashmi | Prorector for Research and Transfer at the University of Heidelberg & Hector Fellow
Prof. Dr. Harald Lesch | Professor of theoretical astrophysics at the LMU Munich and scientific journalist
LectureIn search of an intestellar second home
Prof. Dr. Joachim Wambsganß | Professor of theoretical astrophysics and director of the ARI, Centre for Astronomy of Heidelberg University
Prof. Dr. Harald Lesch

Galactic archeology
Prof. Dr. Eva Grebel | Professor of theoretical astrophysics, director of the ARI, Centre for Astronomy of Heidelberg University and Hector Fellow

Conclusion and discussionProf. Dr. Harald Lesch
FarewellDr.-Ing. Judith Elsner | Chief Executive Officer of the Hector Fellow Academy