• Creating the Future

    The Hector Fellow Academy initiates innovative research projects on latest scientific problems.


The annual symposia of the Hector Fellow Academy aim to put current scientific topics into a socio-political context. Lectures by renowned academics, politicians and representatives of industry link the research topics of the Hector Fellows with key challenges of our time. Discussion panels improve the dialog between science and the general public and help start discussion on issues relevant for the future.

Besides this public event, the symposia also provide a framework for internal meetings. The Hector Fellows and the young scientists supported by the Academy talk about the status of the current projects and may develop novel research ideas. During these internal sessions the new candidates for doctoral positions and the applications for interdisciplinary Hector Fellow projects are discussed.

Overview of the next Symposia:

July 8th, 2021Expeditions into the Unknown - Online
July, 2022 Karlsruhe