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    The Hector Fellow Academy initiates innovative research projects on latest scientific problems.

Founding Ceremony

Hector Fellow Academy Connects Excellent Scientists

A new science academy was established on December 2nd, 2013. Honorary Senator Dr. h.c. Hans-Werner Hector founded the Hector Fellow Academy to foster networking of excellent scientists and to promote an exchange of information beyond their individual scientific fields.

The group of Hector Fellows has been growing since 2009. So far, 15 excellent scientists of German universities have been appointed Hector Fellows by the Board of Trustees of the Hector Foundation II. This is to acknowledge excellent research achievements and commitment to Germany as a location of science and education of highly dedicated engineers and natural scientists.

The Hector Fellow Academy will support the activities of the Hector Fellows. Through their networking, added values are to be created for society. Moreover, ten young scientists will be given the opportunity to work on a self-developed research idea while doing their doctoral under the supervision of one of the Hector Fellows. Additionally, four postdoc positions will be established within interdisciplinary projects of several Hector Fellows. Annually, the Hector Fellows meet at symposia, report on their research results, and work on joint topics. These activities are aimed at identifying research areas of common interest and initiating a trend-setting socio-political discourse.

In December 2013 the group of Hector Science Awardees consists of the following professors: Immanuel Bloch, Peter Gumbsch, Thomas Elbert, Stephen Hashmi, Manfred Kappes, Jürg Leuthold, Axel Meyer, Franz Nestmann, Nikolaus Pfanner, Hilbert von Löhneysen, Jens Timmer, Doris Wedlich, Martin Wegener, Günter Ziegler, and Eberhard Zrenner. Doris Wedlich, Peter Gumbsch, Manfred Kappes, Franz Nestmann, Hilbert von Löhneysen, and Martin Wegener are scientists working at KIT. Former KIT researcher Jürg Leuthold moved to ETH Zurich this year.

The total budget of the academy amounts to EUR 5 million at least. The project is currently scheduled to last five years.

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