• Creating the Future

    The Hector Fellow Academy initiates innovative research projects on latest scientific problems.


The Hector Fellow Academy serves as a platform for dialog. At the annual symposium the members of the Hector Fellow Academy have the opportunity to network and to discuss relevant socio-political topics with representatives of science, politics and industry as well as with the general public. Furthermore, the Academy supports conferences initiated and organized by several Hector Fellows, encourages the acquisition of Keynote Speakers, and sponsors Speaker Awards on conferences in which a Hector Fellow is involved in the organization.


We put current scientific issues in a socio-political context.

Workshops / Conferences

Workshops and international conferences to support interdisciplinary research.

Speakers Awards

During conferences Hector Fellows may grant an award sponsored by the Hector Fellow Academy to excellent speakers.

Founding Ceremony

The Hector Fellow Academy was founded in 2013.